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There’s a story behind this, we assure you.

we’re on a mission to change how knowledge is created, absorbed and retained by people, supported by technology.

Adam Sutton, Head of Design

Adam Sutton

Head of Design

Adrian Ambrus, Junior Backend Developer

Adrian Ambrus

Junior Backend Developer

Alan Murphy, Backend Developer

Alan Murphy

Backend Developer

Alex Derecichei, Frontend Developer

Alex Derecichei

Frontend Developer

Alvise Martini, Data Analyst

Alvise Martini

Data Analyst

Andrei Petri, Frontend Developer

Andrei Petri

Frontend Developer

Arnold Tempfli, Backend Developer

Arnold Tempfli

Backend Developer

Corey Dixon, Visual Designer

Corey Dixon

Visual Designer

David Beath, Head of Marketing

David Beath

Head of Marketing

Deborah Tan, Head of Content, Asia

Deborah Tan

Head of Content, Asia

Franck Tchouambou, Growth

Franck Tchouambou


Frank Meehan, CEO

Frank Meehan


Iulia Oltean, HR _ Recruitment Manager

Iulia Oltean

HR & Recruitment Manager

Krisztina Kovacs, QA Engineer

Krisztina Kovacs

QA Engineer

Laura Suarasan, Content Editor

Laura Suarasan

Content Editor

Laurence Smith, Head of Asia

Laurence Smith

Head of Asia

Manuela Savianu, HR _ Office Responsible

Manuela Savianu

HR & Office Responsible

Mate Lang, CTO

Mate Lang


Maura Mazurowski, Content Lead

Maura Mazurowski

Content Lead

Miranda Lerner, Head of Legal _ Business Affairs

Miranda Lerner

Head of Legal & Business Affairs

Monique Lunt, Head of People _ Operations

Monique Lunt

Head of People & Operations

Nicolai Hartvig, Head of Content

Nicolai Hartvig

Head of Content

Oana Sabau, Backend Developer

Oana Sabau

Backend Developer

Radu Lazar, iOS Lead

Radu Lazar

iOS Lead

Robbie Howshall, CPO

Robbie Howshall


Roland Kozma, Backend Developer

Roland Kozma

Backend Developer

Teodor Druta, Frontend Developer

Teodor Druta

Frontend Developer

Vasile Pop, QA Lead

Vasile Pop

QA Lead