Our peer to peer knowledge sharing platform cuts through the resume, revealing the real knowledge of your prospective hires.

SmartUp puts knowledge back at the heart of the recruitment process by providing real evidence about what future hires really know, from attraction through to evaluation and selection.

Paper and digital resumes

Paper and digital resumes are personal branding tools. Invite potential hires to build a profle of their real knowledge in your branded knowledge sharing community.

Build communities

Build communities that keep future hires engaged with knowledge beyond the lifetime of a vacancy. Build insights about what the community really knows, accelerate future hires.

Position your business

Position your business as a place where knowledge sharing and learning and personal development are valued.

Community driven recruitment

Community driven recruitment

Open or private knowledge sharing communities empower your entire organization to get involved in the hiring process and engage with future hires based on job role, department or knowledge requirement.

Shared knowledge unlocks talent

Create learning mandatory, recommended or inspirational learning streams. Allow the people in your teams to curate and share their own learning playlists with others.

Shared knowledge unlocks talent
Inspiring competition

Inspiring competition

Bring gamification to the hiring process. Our leaderboards identify the most knowledgeable hires and inspire them to engage further with your community.

Evidence based recruitment

Remove the ambiguity around future hires. Reviewing individual member profiles reveals what they ‘really’ know. Admin level dashboards reveal what the community really knows. For both, the ability to identify and fill knowledge gaps is simple.

Evidence based recruitment

Shared knowledge multiplies engagement

Millennials and those who share their mindset are crying out for new ways to explore new career opportunities. SmartUp helps you to identify their dreams by helping see what they’re sharing - their knowledge, passions, interests, skills and talents.

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