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Frank Meehan, CEO
Frank Meehan

CEO, Europe

+44 7860 928953
Anthony Onesto, GM, Americas
David Beath

Head of Marketing, USA

+1 757 335 5961
Laurence Smith, Head of Asia
Laurence Smith

Head of Asia

+65 8157 6359

About smartup

SmartUp is the ultimate platform for peer-to-peer knowledge creation, sharing and exchange used around the world by startup founders, companies, innovators, business schools and curious entrepreneurs.

Conceived and developed by a seasoned team of founders and investors behind Founders Forum, Spotify, Siri, and others, SmartUp now hosts more than 150,000 members.

SmartUp’s intuitive learning system provides communities engaging and fun ways to contribute and consume bite-sized pieces of knowledge and insight. Its powerful platform unlocks your community’s real knowledge to help every member unleash their potential.

Frank Meehan, CEO
Frank Meehan

Co-Founder & CEO

Brent Co-Founder & Chairman

Co-Founder & Chairman

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