SmartUp is literally a revolution in learning. We’re flipping training on its head.

SmartUp democratizes knowledge sharing and learning: our peer to peer platform allows anyone, anywhere to share knowledge to anyone in your organization.

SmartUp Comes with admin controls that suit your unique organizational culture. We put you in control of who you want to create, share and consume knowledge - from totally open to tightly controlled.

In today’s fast changing world, learning teams are finding it increasingly hard to find and deliver training around the latest trends, tools and methods for the teams that need them.


Our peer to peer knowledge sharing puts learning in the hands of those who know and those who need to know - your teams.


Today's workforce is demanding a more flexible and mobile learning experience. SmartUp’s mobile-first platform's engaging formats allow learning to take place anywhere.

Unlock your knowledge. Unleash your potential.

Unlock your knowledge. Unleash your potential.

SmartUp’s intuitive SmartDoc system enables your teams to create and share the content they know your business needs to thrive in today’s world.

Guide with learning streams

Create learning mandatory, recommended or inspirational learning streams. Allow the people in your teams to curate and share their own learning playlists with others.

Guide with learning streams
Inspiring competition

Inspiring competition

Make learning and training a game. Our leaderboards drive competition, across your company and within specific channel topics.

Revealing insights

Individual member profiles show what they ‘really’ know. Admin level dashboards reveal what the organization really knows. For both, the ability to identify and fill knowledge gaps is simple.

Revealing insights

Shared knowledge multiplies engagement

Millennials and those who share their mindset are crying out for new ways to explore new career opportunities. SmartUp helps you to identify their dreams by helping see what they’re sharing - their knowledge, passions, interests, skills and talents.

Join the learning revolution, get in touch and learn how other businesses are helping people in their organizations to show what they know, why they’re doing it and the results they’re seeing.

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