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“The best vision is insight.”

-Malcolm Forbes


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Use SmartUp's intuitive SmartDoc tools to enable your teams to create and share interactive content.

Our peer to peer platform empowers anyone to share their knowledge and build the skills they need to innovate, solve problems and grow.

Discover your innovators

Quizzes reveal what your teams really know and what they need to know. Invite them to create content and show their talents, interests, passions and skills..


Customizable templates

Cut down on expensive training that isn't relevant to your company.

Use our templates and get your teams creating content specific to their needs.

Engage & compete

Keep teams coming back with engaging content and competitions. Members get points for every smartdoc and earn more from quizzes and polls. Our leaderboards drive competition and support recognition.


Getting started is simple


Get in touch. Secure your community, complete with our entire library of SmartUp's innovation content


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Once you've started. Then create custom content from our templates or with our content team.

Our seasoned team will share how other innovators are helping people in their organizations to show what they know, why they're doing it and the results they're seeing.

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